The Speak Up Lab
A Speaking Club for Women: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Do you want to speak up with confidence, but don't know how?

Good News! The Speak Up Lab is here to help!

Speaking is a skill anyone can learn! It is a skill you need no matter what you do. The Speak Up Lab is a safe, supportive community of women just like you who are discovering and exploring their unique voices and learning how to speak up and be heard.

This is what you get when you join...

  • Club Meetings 2x Month:  We are virtual, so you can join from anywhere. Our meetings are fun, engaging, and informative.
  • Mentoring: Develop your skills under the expert guidance of your Speaking Coach & Mentor, Janelle Anderson.
  • Courses & Workshops: You'll get access to free and discounted courses, events, and workshops.
  • ​Community: You're not alone on this journey! You'll be part of an amazing circle of women who support and encourage you.

As a Member of The Speak Up Lab, You Will...

  • Build Your Confidence in Speaking  and Communicating so your voice is heard and you get the recognition you deserve.
  • Sharpen Your Speaking & Storytelling Skills with mentoring, practice, and feedback so you can become a captivating speaker.
  • ​Let Your Creativity Flow as you discover and explore your unique voice, messages, and stories.
  • ​Discover the Power of Your Voice and the impact you have on others when you speak your truth.
  • Belong to an Amazing Community where you are  encouraged and supported as you learn and grow.
You can try it out for 30 days for free! Cancel your membership any time!

We meet twice a month - 1st & 3rd Wednesdays: 7-9 pm ET

Here is what our members are saying....

I used to be nervous, but I'm really not anymore!

I joined because I wanted to feel more confident about speaking up in work meetings. I was very fearful to do so and  felt very self-conscious about what I was saying. So, I usually didn't even speak up. I'm not nervous anymore!
The exercises we do are fun in themselves, but the camaraderie that we've all built amongst ourselves has been a real positive outcome as well. It's a very safe and encouraging environment.  
I would say if you're at all at all interested, give it a try!
~Kathy M.

 I've discovered things about myself that I didn't know I was capable of. 

As a former teacher, I could talk and share information, but now I realize that I had never really had the moment to express my opinions and learn how to talk about my truth.
The delivery of the speech and all the different things that you can do with your voice is something that I really enjoyed learning about and how you can capture your audience. I'm spending this time on myself figuring out how to get my message across and how to present myself better. 
It's just wonderful. Give it a try. 
~Tina B.

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